Information Provided Under Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Price

The amount of money displayed on the sticker is the selling price and
includes consumption tax.
The cost of delivering good is the not inclusive of the selling price,and
can be viewed in the product details page.

Timing and Method of Payment of Price

Payment methods:
Money can be transferred using PayPal or the provided Postal savings bank account.

Returns Policy

-The plants may not appear as advertised because of continued growth during delivery.
-Goods are packaged with great care while minimizing leaf buckling. However,there is chance that buckling may occur because of transportation induced stress.
-There could be errors in color expressed in the advertised photographs.
-The customer has to confirm the product condition, understand and agree to the no return policy by the seller prior to the purchase of goods.

Delivery Period for Services or Goods

Goods are delivered from Thailand using the International Export Mail Services(EMS)
The process of applying for Thai export authorization (Thai CITES registration vote ,export authorization) is initiated upon confirmation of order.
In case of any delays in delivery due to either unexpected changes in weather, issues with the delivery company or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us on the provide email address.


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Name and Contact Information of Company

Name:Komson/ Mari Ogawa

Address:167 Trok Watamphawa Bann Changlor Bankoknoi Bangkok, 10700 THAILAND


English、ภาษาไทย 、日本語